Project Management Support Services

QA/QC Inspections

In addition to project and construction management, Cyrus has experienced QA/QC inspectors involved in overhead and underground transmission construction. Our QA/QC inspectors conduct safety field audits to ensure compliance with required safety regulations. Cyrus inspectors experience includes manhole assessments.

utility-industry-work-planningLicensing and Regulatory Compliance

Cyrus is experienced in Regulatory Performance in the utility industry.  Cyrus technical consultants have assisted in the production of reliability reports for various entities involved in electrical generation.  Our highly skilled consultants assist in developing and coordinating reliability reports and responses to data requests from the ICC, Attorney General’s office, and other agencies.

Project Financial Analysts

Cyrus also provides project financial expertise.  Our financial analysts manage, track and coordinate project data to ensure schedule and cost compliance.  Our experience includes identifying variances, financial risk, opportunities and corrective actions.

Work Planning

Cyrus provides Work Planning support that includes field review of scheduled corrective maintenance activities. Our Work Planners order required material, monitor work and schedule and support work planning aspects for project completion.


Clean environmentCyrus is experienced in preparing environmental evaluations for all activities associated with the replacement steam generator project (SGRP) at Nuclear Power Plant facilities.  Evaluations include analysis of the impact of the SGRP on all applicable environmental regulations.   Compliance with federal, state and local environmental laws and mandates are met.  Environmental Evaluations are submitted to the State’s Department of Environmental Quality as well as with the utilities’ annual report.

Cyrus has also prepared individual environmental reviews of isolated activities associated with installation of various facilities at nuclear power plants.  Projects have included activities such as radioactive decontamination facilities and containment pressure increases.  Analysis of all applicable Nuclear Plant procedures and federal, state and local environmental regulations are completed.   Un-reviewed environmental questions are evaluated.

Other environmental support has involved project controls as project management support for federal government clients in the environmental management programs.  This support includes data collection, input, tracking and report generation.  Various reports such as: Cost Funding Profile, Target Funding, PTS Follow Up, Baseline Tracking, Baseline Changes, IPABS PEM & Planning, Release Sites/Facilities, Weekly, Monthly Management Review and Quarterly Performance are generated.